Take the Green Challenge!

Haddonfield’s Green SITE1Challenge program has been active for over six years!   Have you signed up to take the challenge?  The challenges ask you to join the effort to live in a way that protects natural resources, and pledge to commit to sustainability efforts in the following categories:

  1. CAR – abide by the NJ Anti-Idling law: all vehicles are subject to the state’s three minute idling law including cars, trucks, buses, and other motor vehicles (with some exceptions).

  2. HOME – separate recyclables from trash and put them in your recycling container for pick up: #1, #2, #4, #5 plastic containers (remove caps from beverage bottles), phone books and other paper, aluminum / metal cans, glass jars, flattened paper bags and cardboard.

  3. PUBLIC – support Green Businesses, and encourage businesses and organizations to become more green.

Thank you to the hundreds of residents who have already signed the Green Challenge.  If you haven’t committed to the challenge yet, keep your eyes peeled for the Sustainable Haddonfield booth at various events!

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